Here comes some sun

I can’t claim to have a good understanding of politics. But I’d like to think I have a pretty good understanding of people.

There are lots of devastated people today. I feel pretty emotional myself. Mainly because I’m seeing so much hate and negativity. I’m like a Labrador, I like to see people smile.

So if I can make even just one person feel better and more empowered today then I’ll feel better and go on wagging my tail (too much? 🀣).

Why so blue?

BREXIT and Trump have divided our countries enough. It’s about time we stopped letting politics and the Tories define us. It’s not just the powers that be ‘in’ power. It’s ‘us’. We have the choice to share love and not hate.

Now we know BREXIT is going to happen. More cuts are going to happen. We know people feel upset and anxious. No matter which side you voted, I doubt anyone is raising their hands to say “I trust and believe that the party I voted for is going to do an incredible job and stick to their promises to help people”.

Team awesome

That means that we can all agree that the incredible teachers, nurses, midwives, doctors, volunteers, public services, social workers, charities, researchers, students (the list goes on…) will continue to be the people saving lives, helping the world and fighting for human rights.

Even if we don’t fall into those categories we are all part of that effort if we choose to be ‘in’. We don’t need to rely on politicians. Sure it’s like taking the steam train rather than the bullet, but by sponsoring causes, giving our time, and supporting loved ones and the environment, we have more time to look out the window. We can continue to make good choices every day. Buy local. Reduce plastic. Be kind.

We encouraged everyone to vote right?

And for our friends, family and neighbours who voted differently: just because we share different opinions doesn’t mean they care any less about those causes. They just have different priorities. While it can seem impossible to understand their views, we’ve never walked in their shoes or anyone elses for that matter.

Today and everyday I’m choosing to share love and not hate. The world has some tough years ahead and we, alongside the next beautiful generation of humans, all have something to contribute and will be stronger together. Thanks for reading. xoxo

Okay this might be too much. Especially the remix at the end. But you get my point.

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    1. Thanks for reading it was a rough day but glad I could give you some joy between the sadness. I googled ‘photos of fluffy puppies’ twice that day to cheer me up πŸ˜† sending the biggest of hugs lots of love x

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