About me

I’m Kerri Hall; a blogger and freelance copywriter.

I love to talk, travel, work and try new hobbies at least twice*. I’m 31, excellent at saving money and love to turn life upside down and then change direction blindly. The latest adventure is moving from Sydney to Cornwall.

Lewy is my husband, he is the other half of the Cosmic Pear. He only has two hobbies which he actually maintains (guitar and surfing). The day we met he told me he was going traveling. I said “ok so am I”. Ten years and twenty one countries later I’m happy to say I didn’t scare him off and together we’ve been trying to be the best humans we can be.

We both accidentally chose marketing as our initial trade, which we’ve always used for moral good and fruitful experiences (including in Mexico, London and Sydney).

This brings me to the Cosmic Pear Adventures. I love to write about our discoveries and life lessons. So I have poured some energy into building my jazzy blog. Ultimately the hope is you may find some of my tales or trips useful, or at the very least entertaining on a dull day.

If you’d like to read more about my freelance services please scoot over to www.kerrihall.co.uk.

*Current list of hobbies include poetry, knitting, hula hooping, painting classes, baking, running, yoga and Spanish. I’m hoping blogging will last longer than most of these!

Here’s my and Lewy the Cosmic Pear!